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Plastic surgeon Doc. Dr Milan JovanovicProf. Dr. Milan Jovanovic is a specialist in the field of reconstructive, plastic and aesthetical surgery. He is a docent at University of Belgrade School of Medicine. There he lectures basic education of fifth-year students, as well as postgraduate studies of doctors that are in specialization in the field of reconstructive, plastic and cosmetic surgery.

Plastic surgeon

Prof. Dr. Jovanovic’s basic characteristics are knowledge, professionalism, work and extraordinary manual skill. Plastic surgery, to which he dedicated his entire life, is at the same time his profession and his hobby. He is highly specialized for aesthetic surgery which is at the same time one of the main areas of his profession.

Being a student of Prof. Karapandzic in the early 90s, he was quickly gaining knowledge in the field of plastic surgery. Then, as a specialist, he continued to obtain and exchange knowledge and experience with world's highest surgical elite in this area.

He is an author of over 130 papers in the area of plastic surgery. His work was presented on numerous congresses and printed in most respected world magazines in the area of aesthetical, reconstructive and plastic surgery. There are only a few surgeons in the region whose work is published in the world's most prominent magazine in the area of plastic surgery called PLASTIC AND RECONSTRUCTIVE SURGERY and Dr. Jovanovic is among them. His work is published in magazine’s most demanding column called Ideas and Innovations, under the title “Design of the Limberg Flap by a Specially Designed Ruler: A Personal Approach”, Vol. 113, No 2, 653‐8, 2004. The article has earned the most positive criticisms and was issued in installments (Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, Vol. 115, No 5, April 15th, 1429‐1431, 2005). He has even gotten personal recognition from one of the most well-known American plastic surgeons, Prof. Dr. Robert Goldwin himself.

/images/icon-pdf-surgery.jpg Letter from Robert Goldwyn

Prof. Dr. Milan Jovanovic is a doctor in the area of cosmetic surgery. He had worked over ten years on topic of ageing and rejuvenation of face and neck for his doctorate. He was the first in the world to discover many lines and types of ageing that have never before been described in any of the literature (parts of this doctorate were accepted for print in magazine Aesthetic Plastic Surgery).

He has been an active member of International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery ( for many years.


On the internationally recognized course organized by Galathea clinics: "R.A.P.S. RECENT ADVANCES IN PLASTIC SURGERY III", he was the first prize winner for best work titled: "Personal Approach to the Correction of Prominent Ears" where he demonstrated his method of floppy ears correction. The course  was held from 17th till 19th September 2004 in Belgrade in Intercontinental Hotel and live surgical demonstration were in privately held clinic Galathea in front of the panel whose members were: Luiz S. Toledo ‐ Brazil, Claudio Cardoso de Castro ‐ Brazil; Yann Levet ‐ France; Bahman Guyuron ‐ USA; Mutaz B. Habal – USA (Editor in Chief of Journal of Craniofacial Surgery magazine); Bruce F. Connell ‐ USA; Brian M. Kinney ‐ USA; Malcolm Paul ‐ USA.  Doc. Dr. Milan Jovanovic has issued a patent in area of plastic surgery and he is one of the few surgeons who have done that. Intellectual Property Office, according to the regulation of article 40, paragraph 1 of the Patent Law ("Sluzbeni list SCG" no. 32/04) has issued a recognition of large patent titled "Specially designed ruler for design of the Limberg flap”, that has been registered in Intellectual Property Office under the number P-208/04.

Prof. Dr. Milan Jovanovic has 27 years of surgical experience with an incredible amount of accomplished surgery procedures. His leading motto is: "that none of his working days goes without a surgery - nulla dies sine operatione!"

Lots of important and famous persons from the region have been operated on by him. His main advertisement is a number of almost 100 percent of contented patients.