Clinic for plastic surgery, Belgrade, Serbia


Plastic surgeon Doc. Dr Milan JovanovicWe offer complete and first-class service in the area of plastic, reconstructive, cosmetic and anti-aging surgery. This is performed in the Centre for Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery MSB – Medical System Belgrade.


Philosophy of our company is a satisfied patient. Our aim is to provide, quality, confidence, discretion, and comfort for the patient.

The key element of this effort is dedication and investment of Prof. Dr. Sci Med. Milan Jovanovic's entire life in education, studying and keeping up with all of the modern tendencies in the area of aesthetic, reconstructive and plastic surgery. A large number of operated and satisfied patients is the result of his work that has led to invaluable clinical experience and knowledge that Prof. Dr. Milan Jovanovic has gained in this field.


Prof. Dr. Milan Jovanovica specialist in plastic reconstructive and cosmetic surgery, is one of the most experienced surgeons and one of the highest authorities in reconstructive, plastic, aesthetic and anti-aging, surgery in Serbia.

For that reason, we believe that we are the right partner for the realization of your wishes.


Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgery deals with the reconstruction of various, skin tumors (basal-cell carcinoma), moles, melanoma, subepidermal tumors (atheroma and lipoma), congenital anomalies, tumors of the head and neck, body defects etc.

Plastic surgery uses different approaches of which the most common are plastic surgery or plastic surgeries with the purpose to reconstruct the defect and solve aesthetical defect

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Cosmetic Surgery

Cosmetic surgery deals with  aesthetic defects correction and human body beautification.
Nowadays various aesthetical surgeries are used, such as:  tummy tuck, liposuctionfaceliftnose surgery, ear surgery, Botoxsilicone breast enlargement,  breast reduction or breast liftingfillerspeelings, etc.

Aesthetic surgery demands creativity and enormous precision, and that can be accomplished only by the best plastic surgeon. 
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The price of the surgery covers full service, including supplies and medicine. The price includes expenses of the whole team that participates in the surgery as well as expenses of the anesthetics and complete pre-operation and post-operation care, one hospital day after general anesthesia and all of the check-ups.

If the patient decides to go through the surgery,  the price of the surgery includes the price of first examination
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